Saturday, 11 April 2009

Inside the Seahawks war room...

The NFL Network were given an all-access pass to the Seahawks' new draft room this week. It's an opportunity to get an idea of what goes on behind the scenes as Tim Ruskell and Ruston Webster talk draft. They run through some 'areas of need' and what the Seahawks might target - I'd take it with a pinch of salt though, they aren't going to show their hand on national TV. They also discuss the possibility of moving down and what some of their preparations involve - including a compilation of mock drafts.


Landhawk1 said...


I wonder how genuine the comments were in that segment. If they are, it looks like we may get the WR position addressed early. I know we've both been Crabtree supporters from the get go. If they don't select Crabtree, are you in favor of a QB or do you want one of the OT's or Curry if available?

Rob Staton said...

Hi Landhawk,

I'm guessing the comments in that segment were choreographed for the TV cameras. The Seahawks aren't going to let any secrets slip.

With regard to the Seahawks, I think if they truly want to target an 'impact' player then Crabtree or Curry makes sense, as they can contribute as rookies. If they feel they've done enough in free agency to set the team up for 2009, they might take a chance to draft a quarter back or offensive tackle for the future.

If Jason Smith or Matt Stafford fall to 4th overall, they warrant serious consideration either way. I expect both to be gone, so right now I think Curry, Crabtree and Sanchez are the shortlist should Seattle stay put.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I saw this on NFL Total Access, but it was nice to be able to watch again, pausing and zooming. In particular, I was curious about the color coding of the current depth chart on the wall. After studying what I saw, I'm fairly confident that a players name in Red = Rookie (1-2 yr player), and Green = Almost Gone (in last year of contract, includes Hill, Sims and Spencer) and a Purple Dot next to the players name = upgrade needed. Assuming I'm right, the big shock is a purple dot next to Carlson. Could that mean that despite his receiving yards, he's not viewed as a #1 TE in support of the running game? What do you think the chances are that Seattle targets another TE on day 1?

Rob Staton said...

I would be very surprised if the Seahawks are not completely sold on John Carlson becoming one of the better tight ends in the NFL. He had a very good rookie season and they moved aggressively to draft him last year.

However, I do think the team could draft a tight end. There is decent depth at the position and here's a name to look out for - Richard Quinn. The best blocking tight end in the draft he's almost as good as an extra offensive tackle in certian situations. If the Seahawks want a very good blocker to pair with Carlson, Quinn could be an option even as early as round four.

Chris (Seattle) said...

Great video link Rob. I agree with you that any information revealed in this segment is staged (or just info that they feel anyone working in NFL front office already knows or assumes about us). I can't believe we are so close to the draft already. I'm still hoping for Crabtree being called at 4 (I'm not buying into all the negative stuff about him lately, I think with the top prospects every little thing gets blown out of proportion this close to draft day) If not Crabtree, hopefully Curry or trade down (maybe Stafford if they feel they can fix his decision making issues, Sanchez's knee and lack of experience worries me too much to select here). Thanks as always for the info.

Errol said...

Rob- I am a Crabtree person. I wouldn't cry too much if we got Curry, Stafford or Jason Smith but I expect them to be gone. The 49ers have owned us the last couple years and are getting better as are the Rams. The Cards are no flash in the pan.They are for real.
In order to get back on top of our division, I see some real shootouts
with the Cards. We need all of the weapons we can get. I don't see anyone out there as good as Crabtree. Quick question? Why haven't we signed Ken Lucas? Errol

Rob Staton said...

Hi Errol - I think the team have spoken to Lucas and have let him know their situation. I would be surprised if the Seahawks sign anyone before the draft now. They may be targeting somebody early in the draft, and if they don't get their man will turn to Lucas.

I think the Seahawks will still consider Crabtree very strongly if they're truly looking for that instant impact. If they're thinking more long term, Sanchez might be the pick as he'd be able to sit for 1-2 years. I have reservations about Sanchez, but at the same time the team might just think this is too good a chance to draft a QB for the future.

kearly said...

Its very hard to make out, but did you guys notice the depth chart?

Jamar Adams was the #1 FS (Russell was 4th). Wilson was the #1 CB (probably irrelevant). Colin Cole was the #2 DT. Corey Redding was the #1 DE(!), and was not listed on the DT chart. Other than that, the chart was what you'd expect.

Some good and bad news there. If Seattle thinks Redding is a better starting DE than Tapp (who was #4) then they are in for a big surprise. I was thrilled to see that Russell was demoted from #1 FS to #4, behind Adams, Grant, and even CJ Wallace. Thank God. Very interesting that they had Adams #1, although I'm guessing that changes the moment they draft a SS and free up Grant.

Scotia Seahawk said...

Any idea whether Sky will be showing the first round live in the UK this year? Can't see it up on it's schedule yet. Really enjoyed being able to watch on the big screen although I'll make do with the internet if needs must.

Rob Staton said...

Hi Scotia,

Basically the NFL's TV deal in the UK is up for renewal. Unless Sky or any of the other interested parties can complete a deal before the draft, I would be surprised if it's televised this year which is a shame. With the actual season not starting until much later in the year, I don't think a deal will get done in time for the draft.

I watched rounds 2-7 last year on the NFL Network online. The quality was very good.

Scotia Seahawk said...

Shame. It's a lot more comfortable to watch on TV. I watched the network last year too so no biggie. Wonder if there's any implications for the season in general. Sky did a good job with overall coverage last year Although very rarely Seattle! Hope they'll continue with the Sunday night football. I bought a NFL field pass to watch the Seattle games live though. Will probably do so again.