Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Wednesday links

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay publish their latest 'First Draft' podcast and Seattle is a topic of debate. Kiper says that he's "heard" the Seahawks will take Eugene Monroe if he's available. He does add however, that Monroe doesn't "wow" him as the 9th ranked player on his board. He thinks the Seahawks should take Mark Sanchez to set themselves up at quarter back. On Sanchez, "Seattle is the best fit."

Ken Murray reports that Penn State's Aaron Maybin will visit Seattle on Friday. That's an interesting piece of information. Mike Maybin (Aaron's father) thinks his son could go in the top five, although it would certainly be a surprise if that was the case. Maybin appears under sized to play as a natural 4-3 defensive end and may be better suited to an outside linebacker role in the 3-4. Thanks to Michael Steffes at Seahawks Addicts for bringing this to my attention.

Eric Williams shares some thoughts on the draft, particularly regarding USC quarter back Mark Sanchez. "The thought of selecting Sanchez has more to do with Hasselbeck staying healthy. If Hasselbeck stays upright and plays well this season, Seattle will have a lower selection next season and might not have an opportunity to select a franchise quarterback like Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy of Texas next season, so there’s a feeling that now is the team’s best chance to grab a talent like Sanchez." - Williams

Chris Steuber from Scout.com publishes an updated mock draft. He has the Seahawks taking USC quarter back Mark Sanchez with the fourth overall pick. He even goes as far to suggest that "Hasselbeck will start the season, but Sanchez will finish".

Mike Mayock thinks Mark Sanchez is the best quarter back in this draft class. He previously had Matt Stafford top of his list, but has since decided that the USC signal caller is the 'safer' prospect. He also thinks Josh Freeman could sneak into the top 10 picks.

John Czarnecki grades all 32 team's based on their success in the draft between 2003-2008. The Seahawks get a respectable 'B' grade, finding two pro-bowlers and fourteen starters from forty-six total picks. Special mentions go to Marcus Trufant and Lofa Tatupu. Thanks to Curt for emailing me this link.

The ESPN draft team (including Trent Dilfer and Mel Kiper) discuss the Seahawks heading into the 2009 NFL draft (see below):


Anonymous said...

With regards to QBs at the top of the draft I take everything Kiper says with a grain of salt. Has he ever not thought QBs should go in the top 5. He also mentions in the Podcast that St. Louis should take Sanchez which means Stafford-Sanchez 1-2. Its hard to believe that I can be as confused about what Seattle is doing with only 3 teams picking ahead of them, as I was when they had over 20 teams ahead of them. What a draft.

Mike said...

I am also very confused by what will happen. A lot depends on the first three picks, but I think at this point I won't be disappointed with any of the picks that are projected in that range. Stafford/Sanchez would be great b/c it will hopefully be very rare that we will pick this high. Same for J.Smith/Monroe, an opportunity to pick up a top flight tackle when we rarely get that opportunity. Crabtree and Curry could be superstars, so I'd be excited by them. And if it is a random player, then I will just have to believe that Ruskell knows what he is doing. Lets get this over with already!

Bruce M. said...

That is the first time I've heard Mel Kiper actually sound like he had looked specifically at Seattle. His mock is a joke for the Hawks. These comments are not. Although I still don't think the Hawks will go with Monroe.

Rob Staton said...

I agree with regards Kiper's recent mock. Some of the picks showed a real lack of research in what the Seahawks look at (namely William Moore in round two and the corner back Washington in round three).

I would still be surprised Bruce if the Seahawks take Eugene Monroe should he be available to them. As I've said before, not a good scheme fit in the ZBS and it would mean taking on another big contract at the tackle position, for someone who (healthy permitting on Jones) won't start immediately. With Locklear and Willis on the books, I don't think the team needs to make a big splash at offensive tackle - the interior line needs some focus though.