Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday links

After a quiet last few weeks, suddenly Michael Crabtree is amongst the headlines again. After being linked with every other top five prospect recently, now it's the turn of the Texas Tech receiver to get mentioned as a prospective number four pick. I think today can be officially named 'Crabtree Tuesday'.

Ralph Vacchiano from the New York Daily News is linking Crabtree to the Seahawks. Vacchiano reports, "The Seattle Seahawks could take Crabtree at four — a very strong possibility, I was told from an NFL source."

Michael Steffes passes on news of a report from ESPN's Jim Trotter today, who insinuated head coach Jim Mora had a "man crush" on Crabtree. Allegedly, the Seahawks created a highlights video of Texas Tech run plays to watch Crabtree's blocking.

Eric Williams asks the question, "Is Crabtree too good to pass up?" Williams quotes Rob Rang in his article, with the draft guru rating Crabtree as one of the best four prospects in the draft. He also raises questions about his ability to cope with fame - shedding light on the character concerns expressed by some recently.

ESPN is reporting that Crabtree's foot injury is almost fully recovered. The receiver saw his comeback from a metatarsal break as a chance to show his determination, "I feel like when things are going too smooth, there's something wrong. [The injury] was nothing but a challenge to me."

Dan Patrick interviewed Crabtree recently and the receiver confidently suggested he could run a 4.4 forty yard dash. It's unlikely, but talk of his slow times are over done. I think he's a solid 4.6 runner, which isn't elite speed but importantly - it's fast enough.

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay discuss the latest draft news on their weekly podcast. Kiper cites Crabtree as being second on his big board but asks, "How can they (Seattle) not take Sanchez?"


Wes said...

i think he is too good to pass up. System or not, you do not get stats like that unless you are amazing. And even if the system was catered to him, its not like teams didnt know. they knew and they still could not stop him. Draft him and watch our offense blow up

Anonymous said...

The same could very much be said for his QB at Texas Tech, super stats included (system or not). If Harrell is available say at #105 or #137, why not draft him too and keep the passing combination alive and potentially kill two big team needs? A nice package deal!!!!

Anonymous said...

No, to the Harrell idea...I feel if they get anyone out of the four they target we will be better. I think OL is deep enough that we could go there in RD 2. For sure it is one of these 4 pick...Sanchez, Stafford, Crabtree or Curry.

Anonymous said...

If Crabtree is our man at #4, I too would like Harrell in round 5 or 6 -- the guy even looks like Tom Brady.

There are millions of mock drafts going on right now, and I happened to notice that CBS Sports is picking Stafford to the Seahawks:


Thanks for your insight and this great outlet for diehard Seahawks fans like myself.

Can't wait for the weekend!

Patrick said...

I Love all of the Crabtree news! Thanks again Rob!

jjhsix said...

My main concern this weekend is that Detroit doesn't take Stafford at #1 and he becomes a Seahawk. Watch tape of Stafford and Sanchez and tell me that Sanchez isn't more accurate, doesn't make better decisions and isn't the better QB outside of the pocket. Stafford has a bigger arm but his deep ball is inaccurate and I think he struggles more with reading coverages than Sanchez. I'm completely pro Crabtree but I hope if it comes down to it, Ruskell has Sanchez ranked above Stafford on his board.

kearly said...

I agree JJ. I don't want to sound disrespectful of the many people who see Stafford as the #1 QB, but I've never been able to see it on tape. The ONLY thing I see on tape that I like more about Stafford is his freakish arm-strength (which I could easily see his WR having growing pains getting used to 5 yard bullet passes) and his superior passing mechanics. Sanchez gets the checkbox on everything else, accuracy, leadership, mobility, intangibles. Yeah, Sanchez is risky for other reasons- but I guess that's why he's not the likely #1 pick.

English, you've done a great job with this blog and its been a pleasure reading the links every day.

On topic, Crabtree is my #1 player but I have to agree with Kiper, its very hard NOT to take Sanchez with the impending QB situation Seattle is facing and the rarity of this opportunity. As much as I like Crabtree, I could easily see another four or five 8-8 Hasselbeck/Wallace seasons keeping us just out of reach of the next franchise QB opportunity.

Anonymous said...

If we could trade out, say the bills at #11 and their 2nd at #42, pick up Moreno at #11, Unger at #37, Nicks or Robiske at #42. If we don't then you have to go Crabtree if we are in this "win now" mode. Forget Sanchez, Curry, or even both tackles at #4, none of these players will have the impact that Crabtree or Moreno can make. These two players will jump start our offense in a hurry. I'd love to have Unger at #37, much needed depth or replacement for Spencer or either guards positions. Please, please Bills make this trade!!!

LouieLouie said...

I have to agree with Mel. A Sanchez pick would not only (potentially) solidify the future, Sanchez sitting on the bench looking over his shoulder, may just accent Hass's game.

However, if Crabtree plays up to his potential, how could anyone be unhappy with that?

Anonymous said...

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