Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Seahawks to work out Utah's Paul Kruger

Adam Caplan is reporting that Utah defensive end Paul Kruger has a private workout scheduled with the Seattle Seahawks. A possible option at the top of the second round, Kruger had 7.5 sacks in 2008 including four in one game against Utah State.

"The high-motor defensive lineman has private workouts scheduled with the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, and Dolphins. Kruger is working out for the Kansas City Chiefs today." - Adam Caplan

Kruger was attacked and stabbed twice in January 2008. He survived the ordeal which also saw his younger brother Dave assaulted with a screwdriver. Jason King from Yahoo Sports has an article on the incident. He started his college football career in 2004 (redshirt) and didn't play in 2005-2006 due to a Mormon Church commitment.

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Wes said...

Yuck no thank you. I can think of at least 20+ prospects that very likely will be available at that pick that I'd rather have Kruger.

On another subject, one player I would love to see the Hawks get in round 4-6 would be USC's WR Patrick Turner. He had a pretty underwhelming career at USC for being such a big high school blue chipper, but he certainly showed flashes like in the last rose bowl where he was absolutely dominant. He is also 6'5". Id love to see him get a shot. He's not as fast as Jordan Kent, but he is a true football player (ie he can catch the ball), not a basketball convert, and I think he could one day have an NFL game like Marques Colston (a big if obviously, i mean, that is if the stars completely aligned for him) Anyways, any thoughts on whether Turner is a guy the Hawks could be targeting?

Rob Staton said...

There's a fair chance, Wes. They need a tall receiver and they've drafted from USC before. If they don't take someone like Michael Crabtree in round one or Brian Robiskie in round two, late round picks like Turner could be an option. However, I think the Seahawks have gone down that route too many times - hoping a late round flier at WR will blossom. It's brought little in return, so maybe they draft a receiver a little higher this year?

Rob Staton said...

Don't know if you've seen this Wes, but here's an interview with Patrick Turner at the USC pro-day with some footage of his work out.

Wes said...

I had not seen that, thanks. Yea, I wouldn't advocate Turner being the only WR we take, but I would be happy with using a late round pick on him as well as an earlier one on someone else

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